Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Have Yourself a "Valuable" Little Christmas

You can teach people skills,
but you can’t teach them values.
Values are not what you think,
not what you believe,
not what you say;
they are what you do consistently over time
and resist changing.
Value is as value does.

- Billy Pittard, inventor and program director, www.zoooos.com

Terminating people is never a pleasant task, be it an employee or an underperforming director. After doing hundreds of performance reviews at all levels of his prior company, Pittard realized that the people who were successful at his company and helped the success of his company shared the same core values. That company provided full service marketing so their core values were: 1) excellence in quality of services; 2) customer delight (by consistently exceeding their expectations); 3) work well independently; 4) work well as a team member; 5) commitment to the best results rather than to being right.

Over time he learned that when the most talented individuals did not share these values they did more harm than good.

Pittard’s current venture is inventing and developing the early child educational interactive toy/device, ZOOOOS. He brought along his above values and added three more since the market for this product are 3 – 7 year olds: 1) make it educational; 2) make it interactive; 3) make it easy and fun to use.

I’ve personally seen the reaction of children to ZOOOOS and happily all three of these values are present and accounted for. BTW for friends and families (which subscribers to Usable Insights are), there is a special promotion going on that you can take advantage of at: ZOOOOS special promotion until inventory runs out.

(c) 2006 Mark Goulston

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